Sheet Board Line

  • PET Sheet Production Line

    PET Sheet Production Line

    Product name:PET sheet production line Material:recycling PET granule Usage:PET sheet has excellent properties (heat resistance, chemical resistance).Strong toughness, electrical insulation, safety, etc.), cheap price, so widely used for fiber, film, engineering plastics,...Read More
  • PP Sheet Production Line

    PP Sheet Production Line

    Product name:PP sheet production line Material: PP granule Usage:PP extrusion sheet has the characteristics of light weight, uniform thickness, smooth surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability, electrical insulation, non-toxic,...Read More
  • ABS Sheet Production Line

    ABS Sheet Production Line

    Production name:ABS sheet production line Material:ABS-PS Usage:ABS has excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties and excellent low temperature impact resistance.Dimensional stability.Good electrical performance, wear resistance, chemical resistance,...Read More
  • PE Sheet Production Line

    PE Sheet Production Line

    Production name: PE sheet production line Material: PE pellet Usage: High toughness, tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good wear resistance and other characteristics.In chemical industry, clothing, packaging, food, etc Domains are widely...Read More
  • PVC Sheet Production Line

    PVC Sheet Production Line

    Production name:PVC sheet production line Material:rigid PVC Advantage:1. Compared with other macromolecular materials, the price is cheap 2. Wide sources of raw materials 3. Simple manufacturing process 4 has certain insulation and flame retardant effect 5. Recyclable and...Read More
  • PVC Foam Board Line

    PVC Foam Board Line

    Product name:PVC foam board line Material:soft PVC Usage:Widely used in the bus, train car ceiling, the core layer and with boards, interior decoration and building cladding, internal decoration plate cubicle, office, residential and public buildings, commercial decorative...Read More
  • XPS Foam Board Line

    XPS Foam Board Line

    Product name:XPS foam board line Material:PS Advantage:Lightweight and easy to use,rhinoceros has good stability and corrosion resistance,fishery products environmental protectionRead More
  • PET Strap Production Line

    PET Strap Production Line

    Product name :PET strap production line Material:PET granule Advantage: (1) strong tensile strength, both tensile strength like steel belt and ductility of impact resistance, which can ensure the safety of product transportation. (2) the elongation is small, the elongation is...Read More
  • PP Strap Production Line

    PP Strap Production Line

    Product name:PP strap production line Material:PP granule Advantage:Good plasticity, strong breaking tension, bending resistance, light weight, easy to useRead More
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