Why Use PET Dryer For PET Processing
- Jul 30, 2018 -

First, injection temperature is not the same, PET injection temperature is much higher than PC, PC is amorphous material, PET is a crystalline material, you have to refer to the processing technology you bought PET.

Second, PET pretreatment can be much higher than PC, and the water absorbability of PET is very strong, so pre processing is very important. Some of my PET customers use dehumidification dryer before processing, because it is difficult to drop the moisture inside the PET to the required dew point. Once PET is not dry enough, the product will become crisp and you will not see it in appearance.

The main point is that the above two points need to be paid attention to, and you have to control the two points of mould temperature and pressure. It takes time to mold the crystalline material, so your holding time is a little longer. In the process of molding, you have to keep the mold temperature, or the temperature is not enough, and the crystallization will not be enough.


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