What Are The Characteristics Of The Crystallizer Dryer?
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The crystallization dryer is mainly composed of the storage container, the screw conveyor, the recrystallization hopper, the dust collector and the drying unit. It can be used to dry the material quickly with high temperature hot air, high temperature resistance, high material handling capacity, less fuel consumption and low drying cost. It is an indispensable drying equipment in the plastic industry. Prepare.

1. The operation is simple

The dryer adopts the German SIEMENS man-machine interface control system, which is used for the control of the switching of Twin Towers, the unit of the heating unit and so on. The simple and easy to understand digital touch screen and the accurate and simple diagnostic software are easy to operate and be easily monitored.

2, easy to control and strong applicability

The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the spindle speed, the number of rake arm and the size of the rake blade. The residence time of the material can be adjusted accurately. Each layer of dry plate can be put into heat medium or cold medium separately. The material is heated or cooled. The temperature control of the material is more accurate and easy. The fluidized bed is stable, no dead angle and blow through phenomenon, and has little damage to the material surface. It can be used for fragile drying, and the work effect is not affected when the material particles are irregular.

3. The drying efficiency is fast and the energy consumption is low

The material is heated uniformly, the heat exchange is sufficient, the thermal efficiency is high, the drying intensity is high, the energy consumption is low, saves about 30% energy than the ordinary dryer. The material flow direction is single, no backmixing phenomenon, uniform drying, stable quality, no need to mix.

4, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection

The vibration source of the drier is driven by a vibrating motor, which has the advantages of balanced operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long service life. Due to the application of vibration, the minimum flow rate of gas can be reduced, thus the air demand can be reduced significantly, the entrainment of the dust layer, the matching heat source, the fan, the cyclone separator, etc. can also be reduced accordingly, the complete equipment is reduced, the energy saving effect is obvious, and the dust pollution problem is free.

5. The installation is convenient and the area is small

The drier can be shipped as a whole, and the whole transportation needs only lifting and positioning. The installation and location is very easy. Because of the vertical arrangement and installation of drying pans, the utilization ratio of space can be increased, the area occupied is small and the drying area can be large.


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