Use And Characteristics Of PVC Sheet Production Line
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The screw is designed with special mixing function and high speed capability to ensure that the plastic melts and the color is even and the extrusion volume is increased. The hanger die is designed with special two-stage flow to make the thickness adjustment of the sheet more precise. The temperature control of 1 degrees can control the plasticizing process and the thickness and flatness of the sheet accurately. The three-roller water press adopts horizontal vertical or 45 degree inclination type, which can provide more selectivity in the operation of thick plate and thin plate and improve the quality of plate. 

The thickness control of the plate adopts screw adjustment and two way adjustment of the oil pressure wheel to control the thickness ratio accurately. The roller temperature control system with independent control can accurately control the temperature of the roller and make the thickness of the sheet uniform. The length and quantity of the lumber of the slicer are accurate. The reel device adopts the advanced torque motor, which can adjust the speed and the winding tension at will to achieve the purpose of the sheet rolling, and the required product width can be set freely. The machine is equipped with automatic meter, and the length of the product can be set.


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