The Principle And Application Of Crystallizing Dryer
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Crystallizing dryer is widely used in plastics, chemical industry, medicine and other industries. It is characterized by rapid crystallization drying rate, low energy consumption, keeping material property and high quality of the product. It not only reduces the cost of production, but also brings more economic benefits for enterprises. It is an economical and practical drying equipment.

The principle of crystallizing dryer:

The TCR series closed circulation drying crystallizer is used to maintain the crystallization of amorphous phase material, and crystallizes the PET raw material or recovery material that can not be crystallized into a crystalline material which can be dehumidifying and drying directly. The system includes a high temperature heating device, a thermal insulation barrel, and a heavy load driving stirring component. When the crystallized PET raw material or crushed into the hopper, it is crystallized and stirred at the same time, which can prevent the raw material from agglomerating and reduce the bad rate of the product. After crystallization, the plastic can be conveyed from the bottom of the hopper to the storage bin or directly transported to the drying bucket for drying.

Crystallization dryer advantages:

1. High quality raw material output, complete structure and controller design, mixing hopper to prevent caking. Independent design of mixing leaf and rod can guarantee that raw material can be rolled to crush any mass that may be formed and prevent the caking of raw material in the process of treatment; 2, automatic continuous operation, automatic detection of the temperature inside the hopper To ensure the output of high quality crystalline raw materials.

3, to meet the characteristics of different raw materials, can be directly processed online, or batch processing, storage of crystalline materials for future use;

4, equipment design is safe, convenient and clean, safe and reliable.

The application of crystallizing dryer:

1, can be collocated with the dehumidifier, direct dehumidification operation;

2, optional vacuum hopper, suction machine, magnetic base, suction box for conveying.

3, optional screw feeding machine, can be stable and uniform delivery of raw materials and PET tablets.


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