Pre Operation Routine Inspection Of Baling Belt Production Line
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The use of the belt production line has brought a lot of help to people, but some of the manufacturers and friends of the packaging production line, in order to run the packing line quickly, will not carry out the routine inspection before the operation of the packing line, so that causes the problem. Then how do we operate the packing line What?

The precondition of operating the packing line is the first thing to be paid attention to is to be prepared. Before using it, we should carefully check what its equipment is, see if its power is damaged, and then we need to prepare the outer wrapping paper, which are all the problems we need to pay attention to. It should be used regularly, when it is used, it should know its working principle, operation procedure and so on. In the process of use, it should open the power supply first and preheat the production line for a few minutes. In this way, the length of the packing belt can be well adjusted. After the use is completed, it should be cut. Break the power to prevent it from leakage.

The precondition for operating the packing line:

1. Preparation for work

First we have to check whether the equipment, the packing belt is correct or not, then check whether the power wire is damaged or not, then check whether the moving parts are lubricated, and then we should see whether the packing line is fixed or not, and the outer wrapping paper should be prepared at the end.

2. matters of attention

In addition, it is especially necessary to remind people not to put their hands into the packaging belt strictly, and strictly prohibit the dangerous actions such as disassembling and assembling equipment when doing the work.

3. end of operation

After the operation of the packaging line, remember to cut off the power supply, and switch off, to prevent leakage phenomenon, resulting in electric shock.

4. operation specification

The operator should have a basic understanding of the equipment structure, working principle, operation procedure and adjustment method. Before operation, the operator should open the power supply, preheat the packing line for a few minutes, and adjust the length of the packing belt. Of course, we should also listen to the abnormal phenomena such as whether there is no noise in the machine, no smoke and other abnormal phenomena, according to the color box and instructions. The thickness of each pack or the quantity required by the customer, the number of points to be packed, wrapped in wrapping paper, and then packed with the production line of packaging belt.

We all know the truth of "no rules and no Cheng Fangyuan", it also tells us to do everything in accordance with a certain standard, and the operation of packing line is no exception. I also often hear a series of problems, such as loose winding, leakage, or even damage to the packing line due to the failure to operate the packaging line.


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