Pelletizing Line
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Granulation production line: chemical raw materials from mixing, plasticizing, granulating, air-drying, cooling, storage, integrated automatic granulation machinery.

The main equipment is composed of high mixing machine, mixer, automatic hopper, granulator, centrifugal cyclone, vibrating feeder screen and storage barrel, and the automatic integrated granulation of chemical raw materials is realized. Because of the characteristics of different adhesives, the granulation mode is different. The granulation mode which is widely used in the industry is twin screw granulation, air cooling granulation, water cooling granulation, spray granulation, water strip granulation and so on. It is a common production method of granulation.

The application products of granulating production line include: shoe material granulation, sports equipment, toy granulation, daily products granulation and other blow molding products.


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