PE Recovery Of The Main Processing Materials For Granulator
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Waste plastic is a very serious environmental pollution resource, it is not easy to degrade, and incineration will also cause harm to the atmosphere and our health. Therefore, the best environmental method is to recycle the waste plastic products, so various kinds of environmental plastic machinery are developed to discarded plastic. Recycle, reduce the waste of resources. PE recycling granulator, as the name suggests, will reclaim waste plastic products and make it into another plastic product. Recycled plastic pelletizer / mainly uses the following 4 kinds of material products as raw materials to achieve their recycling.

1, PE - Polyethylene

PE gives a feeling of softness, opaque and translucent, waxy when it is not colored; it feels slippery, flexible and slightly elongated when it is touched by hand.

White transparent, but generally transparent, generally low density polyethylene is soft, diaphaneity is better; HDPE is harder. Polyethylene often has adhesive tape and printed words because the tape and printed words are unavoidable, but they must be controlled, because these will affect the price in the market.

2, PP - Polypropylene

Polypropylene products are white and transparent. Compared with LDPE, it has higher transparency and rubbing.

It is white and translucent, waxy; it is lighter than polyethylene.  Transparency is also better than polyethylene, harder than polyethylene.

3, PVC - PVC

The original color is yellowish semitransparent and glossy. Transparency is better than polythene and polystyrene, which is inferior to polystyrene. With the different dosage of additives, it is divided into soft and hard polyvinyl chloride, soft products are flexible and toughened, and the hardness of the hard products is higher than that of low density polyethylene, but it is lower than polypropylene, and the phenomenon of whitening occurs at the bend.

4, PS -- polystyrene

Transparent when not coloured. Products landing or knocking, with metal - like crisp sound, luster and transparent very good, similar to glass, brittle brittle fracture, with fingernails can mark on the surface of the product. The modified polystyrene is opaque.

The above 4 kinds of plastic materials are the most commonly used raw materials for PE recycling granulator. It is also the plastic material used in the market now. It is in line with the environmental protection, safety, health and other production standards.


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