Maintenance And Maintenance Of Pelletizing Line
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The granulation production line of some enterprises does not pay attention to the maintenance and operation of the workers' training before operation, which leads to the emergence of some large and small problems in the operation of the equipment. The regular maintenance and maintenance of the granulation production line in the process of use is very important. The correct use of operation and equipment to maintain regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the equipment for 3-5 years.

1. keep the machine clean for a long time. When the machine is shut down for a long time, rust prevention and antifouling measures are necessary.

2. strictly put the raw materials on the gateway. No metal or other impurities can be mixed into the machine to mix and extrude. So as not to damage the machine. When the machine is not in production, the hopper should be closed to avoid entering the screw working area.

3. main speed reducer and feed device reducer should regularly check the internal oil cleanliness, the new machine runs 50 hours to replace the oil, if the normal production of lubricating oil pollution should be changed when the pollution is serious.

4. when the unit is running, it will lubricate the lubrication parts timely.

5. in the case of special conditions, a long time to stop (such as blackout) should be cleaned up in time so as to prevent the removal of the polymer after cooling and curing, which will affect the next production.

6. regularly clean up the scale of the cooling water interface of the unit (some water quality impurities, easy to scale) so as not to cause bad cooling effect or influence temperature control precision because of the blockage.

7. the electrical control cabinet should be cleaned once a month, so as to avoid short circuit fault.


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