The characteristics of the PET baling belt production line
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The production line of PET baling belt adopts German production technology and is made out of the traditional technological process based on the actual situation of China. The production line mainly consists of the following equipment: the feeding device, the crystallization drying device, the plastic extruder, the non-stop switching device, the die of the machine head, the constant temperature flume, the first traction. The machine is composed of a drawing box with constant temperature and frequency conversion, a first drawing machine, a second drawing machine, a embossing machine, a setting box, a second tractor and a coiler.

This series of PET packaging belt production equipment 100% bottles of recycled material directly production, green environmental protection, use of waste resources, reduce 30% production costs; according to the PET molecular chain structure and specially designed drying tank system, dew point less than -50 degree, crystallization, dry and uniform, the production of high tensile strength, not split; finalize The oven, which eliminates the prestress, does not bend, has a good setting, and has a wide narrow width and uniform rigidity. It can be widely used in the automatic packing machine. It is easy to operate, convenient for maintenance and low power consumption.

PET baling belt production line

1. Crystallizing drying device;

2, the constant temperature flume, mainly composed of stainless steel body, frame, lifting device, can move up and down, easy to operate quickly, can quickly cool the material, make the temperature below the melting point to reach the grain structure, the granular molecular structure is easy to be stretched and get the high quality products.

3, with special designed screw, high output, low energy resistance, small damage to molecular structure of material, low melt viscosity, high speed, high efficiency, and automatic temperature control by digital automatic temperature control. The speed of driving motor is different from that of extruded product.

4. The mould adopts quick automatic net-changing device with high efficiency. It is equipped with melt pressure sensor and alarm device. The net-changing is timely and wastes less. The melt pressure pump can stabilize the melt pressure, maintain stable pressure, maintain the stability of the belt, the mold is easy to replace, with four pairs of die, can produce 9-25mm packing belt, fine workmanship, to ensure the stability of the embryo. The series PET packing belt production line has the following characteristics:

1. Use environment: not afraid of humidity, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water absorption and hygroscopicity is small, after immersion does not reduce the strength, the use of safe and other advantages.

2. Low elongation: non-relaxation, high specific strength, can maintain long-term tension, thus ensuring that the goods in the long-distance transport with excellent impact resistance.

3. High temperature resistance: Melting point is 260 degrees, 120 degrees below the use of non-deformation, non-fading, non-softening, between - 50 ~100 ~C, maintain good stability.

4, high degree of automation: after the polyester particles are put into the equipment, the materials are heated and fused, extruded into bands, cooling, baking, stretching, printing, embossing, winding and so on.

5, the economic benefit is good: the density of the PET plastic steel belt is only 1/6 of the steel strip density, the price per unit length is relatively low, the length of the 1 ton plastic steel belt is equivalent to the length of the 6 ton steel strip, and the cost per meter is lower than the steel strip.


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