Selection of granulation machine
- Jul 30, 2018 -

1, use the mother machine, double screw feed.

2, the gearbox is better, the gear inside must be heat-treated, and the bearing can be adjusted.

3, transmission, screw, barrel, nose and worn parts should be treated with strength, and the life will be guaranteed for more than 1 years.

4. The main components should be made of standard material.

5, reducer and motor purchase professional manufacturers produce suits, do not buy granulator manufacturers themselves assembled.

6, there should be a distribution cabinet.

7, the most critical equipment is screw and barrel quality is better.

8, washing machine must be continuous production, do not need to stop the water change, use the cleaning pool, otherwise the efficiency is very low.

9, heating should be segmented, and segmented heating should be controlled uniformly.

10, there must be a matching waste plastic washing machine, the use of recycled water, do not discharge sewage.

11. High efficiency saving electricity.

12, the length to diameter ratio of the machine should not exceed 20 (16:1 - 20:1 is appropriate, that is to say, the screw length is 16 - 20 times the diameter of the screw).

13, the model must not be small 100, the greater the higher the output.

14. Double exhaust.

15, the heating power of the granulator flange (die head) is very important. It should be designed according to 2.5W per square centimeter (sectional area).


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