Pay attention to the purchase of granulator
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Plastic granulator is a set of granular products which are suitable for two processing by heating, mixing and extrusion molding according to different uses. The plastic granulator is widely used in many industries, such as petroleum and petrochemical.

The market of plastic granulator is a relatively large market, and it is sometimes not good for the customer to choose. It is mainly that there are many manufacturers of plastic granulator in the country, and there are a lot of types at the same time. It is more difficult for the first time to get involved. Now we give some suggestions from the following aspects to help us. To everyone.

First, identify the types and output of plastics that are mainly granulated.

This is the most important step. Do not fall into a misunderstanding, that is to use a plastic granulator to process all the plastic, because the plastic and extrusion pressure of different properties of plastic is not the same.

The general plastic granulator can reclaim and granulation of our daily life plastics (such as plastic film, woven bag, convenient bag, pot, bucket, daily necessities and two kinds of polypropylene and polyethylene), and special plastic granulator for special plastic such as engineering ABS plastic, PET bottle material and so on.

The size of the granulator, that is, the size of the screw, determines the output, and can not only recognize the model when choosing the machine. The specific configuration of the models of different manufacturers is different.

Two. Inspect the technology and service of plastic pelletizer manufacturers.

After determining the suitable granulating equipment, the price of the granulator manufacturer and the granulator is investigated. The main purpose is to investigate the scale of manufacturers, the strength of production, and the reputation of customers using equipment. Do not be afraid of road distance, the key to buy equipment is to buy a good price to price machine, strong technology and after-sales service, so that no worries, if only buy cheap or near equipment, equipment performance and product quality is unstable, the consumption of time, manpower, money far more than the initial equipment investment.

Three. Field inspection of the equipment sold by the manufacturer.

Go to the waste plastic processing plant that sells the equipment in this factory to inspect on the spot, see the actual operation condition of the equipment, communicate more and learn more.


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