Analysis of the reason why the PP packing belt production line is not hot
- Jul 30, 2018 -

PP packaging belt production line in the use of the process sometimes encounter the machine can not be very good for the heat, this problem how to do?

In the first analysis, there are the following reasons:

First: Maybe you changed the packing belt, the original thickness of the packing belt is thicker, and now thin, semi-automatic packaging machine ironing head can not be completely in place. Solution: re - adjust the position of the perm

Second: it may be the semi-automatic packing machine's hot position, the deviation or the joint of the packing belt is partial, and the correction is OK.

Third: it is related to the material of the packing belt. It is possible for you to pack the raw materials in this batch with more ingredients. Now the main ingredient of the packaging belt used in the market is polypropylene, commonly known as PP. A better pack of PP is more than 95%. Other ingredients are more complex, such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, wollastonite, glass fiber and other inorganic fillers. If the ingredients are much more, the hot-melt viscosity is poor. It is suggested that you provide the supplier with matching parameters.

Fourth: put in the packing belt on the hot and perm, see if it will melt, and see if the hot perm can go in, how long the machine has been used.

If all the above problems are ruled out, the PP packing belt production line problem or replacement parts can only be judged.

The following are the problems existing in the PP packing belt production line for your reference.

1. if the equipment is not hot, we should first check the inside is not a vacuum, if it is a vacuum, it is necessary to check the heating wire, if the heating wire is not hot, it will result in the heat of the effect is not very good, then it is to control the heating wire contact and problems.

2. we need to replace the heating wire in time, so that the problem can be solved, or check the relay is good, the relay is also used for heating, if not heated, it may be a problem of relay.

3. check the method of PP packing line problem: if the rigid packing machine becomes thinner, if the PP baling belt is not in the right position, then we should adjust the position of the perm and adjust the position accurately. If the quantity of the PP packing belt has a problem, then it may be the ingredient of the ingredients. There is a problem, there are many ingredients, hot melt viscosity will be relatively poor, we should carefully check when buying.

4. if there is no above problem, it is possible that the PP packaging belt production line has been aging, or some parts need to be replaced, so in the usual use of the PP packing machine to pay attention to the maintenance of machinery.


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